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It has been said that “to be the best, you must surround yourself with the best.” So the first thing we need from you is to know that YOU want to be the best!

Within the Mortgage industry, we don’t strive to set the “Gold Standard”, we aim for the “Diamond” benchmark.

Our 5 Diamond approach has helped us achieve the number one position in the industry.

We want clients and prospects to truly view us as;

  1. Approachable,
  2. Empathic to their needs,
  3. Accountable,
  4. Sincere &
  5. Enthusiastic for their business.

Everyone talks Basis Points, we don’t!

We speak with you about Product, Education, Brand, Technology Administration and INCOME!

Product: You will have access to one of the most revolutionary mortgage products launched in recent history, our RightMortgage. Over $400,000,000 in mortgage sales in just 8 months in the market. Why so successful? Because any new product developed by the Mortgage Alliance is born from consumer insights derived from our proprietary research and analysis. We don’t invent in a vacuum. We create by design.

Education and Training. In short, “second-to-none.” Our success is in no small part due to the constant training we provide to our mortgage professional on a weekly and monthly basis. This coupled with the exclusive support provided by Mortgage Alliance Mortgagelinx Financial Corp. itself, a recognized industry leader in continuous education and advancement.

Brand. There is NO Mortgage Brokerage Company in Canada that invests more dollars and resources in building a “consumer-recognized” brand than Mortgage Alliance. We all benefit from an annual brand campaign that has helped to bring us to the eyes and ears of our current and future clients. We enjoy (and so will you) a dedicated marketing team that will support you with your own advertising materials, customer relationship management tools and web assistance to mine your data base for years to come. Over 1,000 Mortgage Alliance Professionals utilize their “Virtual Office” every day!

Technology. Every body says they’ve got some. Well let’s just say that our specially designed and exclusive platform called B.O.S.S. (Broker Originating Software Solutions) has revolutionized the industry. This proprietary dashboard will help you manage your business from –new contacts, assessing deal status and even shows you “where” your compensation resides during the transactional process.

Administration. The Mortgage Alliance Head Office has a seasoned administrative team that has MANY years of experience in the Mortgage business and is there to assist your business– so you can focus on what YOU do well, creating clients for life!. The administration staff helps to manage your submission file, prepares an efficient audit of all documents to ensure YOU, your Lender and your clients all meet the desired requirements from all parties.
Something else you might like to know….we don’t pay monthly, in-fact we don’t even pay bi-weekly, or weekly. Mortgage Alliance DAILY !

INCOME. Ok now let’s talk compensation. Our Mortgage Professionals are among the highest paid professionals in the business. Our RightMortgage product delivers one of the best compensation models not just among all Canadian Mortgage Brokers, but all Financial Institutions as well! And with 50 (yup that’s right) 50 lenders vying for your business, you will be privileged to enjoy more rewards and remuneration offered than anywhere else. But how MUCH you can earn is up to YOU!
So whether you’re brand new to the industry, a seasoned professional if you’re the RIGHTBroker™, Than MA Mortgagelinx Financial Corp. is the RIGHTPlace®.

Cause in the end, there are lenders, there are brokers and then there’s MA Mortgagelinx Financial Corp.


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